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HoboCraft is an amazing server. With loads of build space and parkour, the possibilities are endless! The amplified terrain gives the player or builder so many places to build large structures, houses and more. HoboCraft runs fully on command blocks that makes the server an easy place to work in. The HoboCraft staff will answer any questions and respond to any problems / issues. Their easy to use website makes it easy for the user to make an account, post things and makes it easy for you to find great ideas.

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Hobo Rank

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Being A Nomad Is Fun, But I Want To Go Out Into The Big City!

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Travelling Is fun, but I have have a taste for farming animals!

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Traveller Rank

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Being A Hermit Is Fun And All, But I Want To Go Out And Travel!

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Hermit Rank

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Just Startin' Off In The New World? Try Hermit Rank!

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